Themed Slots

There are various slot machines in the market of gaming such as instant casino slots, iSlots and many others.. Each provider offers the best possible things and the variety complicates the choice of the machine. The themes are now counted in dozens and the topics are numbered in hundreds. It brings more joy and happiness to people.

Finding Slots

Some casinos offer the finder feature so that you won't suffer from selecting and playing hundreds of games. You can find the games according to the quantity of reels, either you prefer 3, 5, 7 or more. If you like progressives, you will also be offered many of those. Once you are in search of the bonus slots, you can find the ones that provide free spins, bonus rounds and so on.

Classic Slots

By saying classic we do not only mean the 3-reel slots but also classic symbols, which were present on the machines long time ago. The classic symbols are supposed to be lemon, cherry, melon, grape, plum and orange. Those are the fruits as the prototype of the slot was a vending machine, from which you could get the candy.

Later “7” symbol appeared. Once the Liberty Bell machine was introduced, the times of the bell symbol started. The same story happened with the horseshoe. Later the card symbols of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs were added.

Modern Slots

Together with the technological advance the slots design was also improved. More themes and, therefore, symbols were introduced. And now you are free to choose any topic you want. It is really interesting and exciting as in the online casinos you may try the game free of charge and enjoy it as long as you wish.

Sea Theme

If you think about something what you can find in the sea, you can easily make a slot machine. There are many software providers who took this subject for the slots. Inside this large theme the minor themes can also be tracked. For example, coral theme. The symbols are totally wonderful. There is a mermaid, coral, coral fish, fan shell, seahorses and so on. One of the not really interesting aspects of the themed slots is that along with the sea shell we can find such symbols of Ace, King, Queen and others.

Traveling Theme

A lot of people love traveling. And here is a great field for making things up. Some software providers offer voyage topic. And here you can find compass, ship, clocks, binoculars and definitely yacht. Others offer Safari and Jungle trips, which can lead you to the jackpot winning.