Slots history

The first slot machines in the slots history have been introduced in 1891. The first symbols were cards and the payoffs were in accordance with the poker combinations. The slot machines comprised 5 reels with 50 images on them. The original machines didn’t pay off money, instead prizes were stuff from the place where the machine was placed. The gamer put into a nickel and pulled the lever arm. Usually, a Ten and the Jack of Hearts had been taken out from the reels and thus the gamer odds decreased.

The Liberty Bell, the machine the way the gamblers know it now was introduced in 1899. These machines were with 3 barrels and had 5 symbols diamonds and hearts and spades, horse shoes and Liberty Bell. The slot machine enabled Fey to design the automatic payout system. Three bells in a row won a pot of 10 coins.

Soon after that, the next period of the slots history started when the Bell Fruit company introduced the slots machines with symbols of fruits that stood for the gums with different flavors. The additional image the BAR had been the logo of Bell Fruit company.

The electrical slots were designed by Bally Manufacturing in 1964 and was called the Money Honey. The slots machine game now offered higher jackpots and multiple coins. Then after this period of the slots history, the machines were equipped with music and lights.

Another interesting fact of the slots history is that the slots Games were highly spread once in the mid 1970’s the Dollar Machine had been created and the slots game was provided by most of the gambling halls.

The video poker machine was created in 1980 starting a new era in the slots history. The gamblers now were not able to watch the barrels rotating and at first they did not trust this game. Still, afterward the slots game became very popular it is nowadays offered in all the casinos.