Slots Variations

You must not think that all slot machines are the same. They all are different. There are fun money slots, video slots, iSlots, themed slots all of them are really very thrilling.. When people that have entered the casino for a first time, when they see the slot, they see only three things: coin clot, handle and different figures. It is true that all the slots have these three features. However, everything else is different. These differences will limit the money that you will be able to win or they will increase the money that you will get from the jackpot. So considering these options is something really smart and you should not doubt examining the slot closely.

First, when you go the slot, check the coin denomination, which is available. Many people go the slot and drop a quarter at the coin slot and they see how the coin goes in and then it comes out. They stay in front of the slot and they wonder what's going on. Pay attention to the details. In most cases, there are several machines types, which will be available on the ground based casino that you will visit
Multiplier Slots

In this type of machines, it is really important to play the maximum credit all the time. The machine works like that. If you play one coin, and you win (get three lemons for example), the machine will pay you 5 coins. However, if you play 2 coins and you win, you will get 10 coins. The same thing goes for playing 3 coins. In this case you will get 15 coins. This machine multiplies the money that you have inserted and multiplies them by a certain number and that's your reward
Bonus Multiplier Slots

This is a very similar machine to the multiplier. It has the same operational scheme. However, it will reward you, if you play the maximum number of coins possible. That's why, if you win (get three 7's) and you have used only one coin, you will get 1,000, you will get 2.000 with 2 coins and you will get 10,000, if you play with the maximum number of coins possible.