hit the jackpot Myths about the Slots

There is a lot of information flowing through the Internet about slot machines and how to play slots. People who come across this information do not know whether they can trust the information or not. That's how many of the myths about slots were created. There are many myths, some of them have reasonable support but most of them do not have anything scientific to prove their theories. There is a list of the popular myths and you will find explanation attached to it.

You will be able to foresee the pattern of the spins with science and deep study

This is absolutely ridiculous. When you talk about slot machines, everything comes down to picking random symbols. It is all about luck and nothing more. There is no possible way to predict the pattern because it is absolutely random. Even the biggest math geniuses cannot predict something, which is unpredictable.

Leaving the machine will prevent you from winning the jackpot

This is another myth that is flowing through the Internet. There is no possible way to predict when the jackpot will fall. Leaving the machine is not in a correlation with the possibility of winning the jackpot. Each second millions of different combinations are generated by the slot machines. To win the jackpot, you need to guess the exact combination the moment when the machine decides what the combination is going to be. This is absolutely impossible to predict when this will happen.

If you play for a very long time on one machine, it is a guarantee that you will hit the jackpot really soon

One of the sad things about the slots odds is that you cannot expect when you will hit the jackpot. You can play on one machine for a very long and still you will not be able to hit the jackpot, if you are not lucky. That's why the only one thing that is involved here is called luck. You cannot expect when you will hit the jackpot, it just happens. You could be playing for 10 years on one machine and there is a big chance of not hitting the jackpot once during this time.