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Few people actually know the origin of the first slot machine. It was invented and introduced to the world in San Francisco in the year of 1887. There were three different reels and there were 20 different symbols. This is the prototype of the slot machines that are used today. However, later on the second type of slot machines was invented and it is called Operator Bell. This machine was created in 1907. The name of the machine, which was created in 1887 by Charles Fey, is Mills Liberty Bell. However, because of the growing popularity of slot machines, authorities felt that they have to make some regulations to make the gambling more regulated and more trustworthy. It is said that years after the creation of these slot machines, the gangsters introduced them in Vegas. That's why Vegas is the headquarters of slot machines today.

When you play slots, there is only one objective for you. You want to pull the lever and watch the different reels spinning, if you get all the same symbols in the play line, you will be the winner. You could win really big jackpots. There are two types of jackpot, which are present in the slot machines today. The first type is the fixed jackpot, where the amount of the jackpot is set. The second type is called progressive jackpot and it will increase till the points someone hits it. It could be you, who will claim the biggest progressive jackpot.
Flash Slots

If you are addicted to playing slots, you do not have to play it in the ground-based casino. That's why the possibility of playing online was given to the people. That's how the Flash slots were created to serve the people and allow them to experience the possibility of playing your favorite game. Many people go to the website to play online flash slots. They are really simple and because of that people will be able to enjoy their favorite slot games. You will not be able to download the flash version of flash slots.