Bonus Slots Machines

Bonus Slots

Bonus Slots are available at every land based or online casino. There is no doubt that bonus slots are more fun and interesting than regular ones. Usually, the prizes which are available in bonus games are higher if we compare them with other slot machines. Bonus slot machines offer gamblers something extra than usual slots. Such slots can come in five reel, three reel, seven reel, multi payline, single games, and both classic and video slot versions. It doesn't mean what type of game you play but bonus slots can offer gamblers a special symbol or symbols which help players to get more payouts. Moreover, playing bonus slot machines you are able to get free spins, scatters, substitutes, bonus feature symbols and a lot of other interesting things.

The Object of Bonus Slot Machines

The great numbers of online bonus slots are as enjoyable and easy to gamble as regular slots. The main principle of bonus slot is simple. The player should place the bet then spin the button. When the spin displays the winning combination in the payline the player will get paid. The payouts in bonus slots can double, triple and also quadruple. You see that the main object of this game is very simple that is why many beginners like to play Bonus Slots . All of the bonus slot machines have really amazing and exciting graphics and offer the players bonuses which can increase the winning chances. Another advantage of the online casinos which you will not be able to find in the land based casino is the ability to play bonus slots for free. Moreover, you can practice, gain experience and change slot machines. If you are the beginner in slots games it is better for you to start with small bets. A bonus slot machine is a kind of online slot which has some extra features, moreover, such machines are designed to give the gambler the opportunity to work out his or her own slots strategy, to relax and take pleasure during the game.

Slots Odds

If you ever thought about the odds, which are possible in the slot gaming, you would know that it is possible to increase the player's odds. Although the house always has advantage, the players can also learn the best from it. But before increasing your odds you are to understand your main goal in the game.
Payback Percentage

You might have noticed that some casinos claim that the slots payback percentage is 95 percent. It means that they will return you 95 cents of each dollar, which was played in that machine. But even 5 percent of all the money is huge money for the casino and you see how casinos survive and even prosper.
Winning Chances

You count your odds with the help of simple actions. Let us assume that you play 5-reel slot, which has 17 symbols on each reel. Your winning chances in the game will be 1/ (17 x 17 x 17 x 17 x 17) = 1,419,857. So it looks like you have one chance in over a million tries to win. That is the reason you should be careful with choosing the slots and playing them.
Myth Busting

There are some people, who claim that if you have a club card and play slots with it, the casino sees that and decides to tighten your chances. That is not actually true. The casinos love that you spend much money in their places. The more you spend, the more they like you. That is why some people receive complimentary drinks, dinners in the restaurants and even hotel night stays. Isn't it good?
Increasing the Odds

One of the best ways to start winning the game of slots is to increase your odds. One of things you should do, first of all, before you start playing for money is to read the pay table of the slot machine. In the pay table it is usually noted if there are some wild or scatter symbols. You will also learn if it is a bonus slot machine and whether you have a chance of the free spins or additional treats.

Another way to increase the odds is to manage your bank roll properly. If you want to win a large jackpot, you should play progressive slots. And at the same time you should bet maximum to win progressive jackpot. If you want just to enjoy the game, you can easily play any other type of slot machine for less coins but for some winnings.


Slots Tournaments

If you are a competitive nature, and know how to play slots, then you will find the slots tournaments to be really exciting. They are going to test your skills to see whether you are good enough to call yourself a player. Also, tournaments are a good stimulator for improving the skills. Many people practice hard to improve their skills because they are preparing for a tournament. When people have a challenge ahead of them, they are going to do their best to be the winners. This is something inherited by our ancestors. Most of the tournaments have entry fees. That's how the participants will be aware of how much money they will need to spend to play in the particular tournament.

The developers of slots machines know that slots are the biggest hit on the market for the last years. That's the way they choose to invest so much money on creating new and exciting slots. That's how the online slots were born. They offer the slot maniacs a great variety of options ahead of them. They will be able to choose from various amounts of reels on the slot machines. Also, the graphics are upgraded and nowadays it is hard to tell the difference between real slots and online slots.

Gathering People

The combination of tournaments and online slots led to the development of slot tournaments. Also, these kinds of tournaments were played in most of the ground based casino but they were inaccessible for the players who play online. The rules of slots tournaments are almost the same as the rules of regular slots. There is a certain credit that you have to play when you play on the slot tournaments. You will be able to play only for limited time, which makes the game even more interesting.

It was logical to developed online slot tournaments because people want to feel this excitement on their computers while there are sitting in their chairs. There are so many tournaments going on the internet. That's why you will be able to join and participate in one of the many tournaments whenever you want. All you have to do is to go online and find a good website with tournaments going on.

Play Slots

It is not a secret that slot games are really popular. They attract many gamblers because of their simplicity, interesting and exciting graphics. Slots market is growing tremendously and slots machines are in great demand now. That is why the number of different slots is really huge. If you want to play slot machines you are welcomed! Slots are easy and exciting. All casinos, online or land-based one will offer you thousands of slot machines such as video slots, fun money slots and many others.

Why to Play Slot Machines

Online slots are in great demand nowadays. Moreover, if you want to play slots online you can do it for free without risking your money. You can visit any online casino and choose any slot game you want and play! Everything that you need is the computer and the internet connection. It is very convenient to play slots online you shouldn't go out from your house and spend much time in order to get to the land based casino or Las Vegas. Everything that you need is to wait a few seconds to download slots software. Moreover, you can play slots whenever you wish at night or the whole day. You can really relax playing online slots. Besides if you are a real fun of slots machines there is a possibility for you to play slots tournaments, where you can emulate with other inveterate gamblers.

Play Slots Online

To tell you the truth, no land based casino in the whole world has such huge selection of slot machines as online casino. There are really hundreds of slots machines with different screen graphics and various symbols. When you play slot machines online you get good entertainment and release the stress. There are downloadable or flash versions of slots games. Everything depends on the player preference. You can try to play a lot of slot machines till you find your favorite one and when you become a professional in online slots you can go and try to play in land based casino and become more excited. Everything depends from your preferences.

progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpot Slots

You will be surprised to find out that when we speak about progressive jackpot on slot game, we do not mean one machine in particular. Speaking of progressive jackpots, it is generally meant a network of different slots, which are linked together. That's how the jackpot will get really high in no time. The description of progressive jackpot is easy. Part of the money that people have used to make their spins on the slot machines is taken away. This money, which is taken, goes for the jackpot. If more people play, this will make the progressive jackpot bigger. There is a special set of symbols that you will have to receive to hit the jackpot.

There are a lot of differences when we speak about progressive jackpot and fixed jackpot. First of all, the only one thing that determines how big the jackpot is going to be is the amount of people who have played on the slot machines, which are linked together. Also, the amount of money that is spent on these machines is really important. That's why in some cases, the fixed jackpot could be bigger when compared to the progressive jackpot. However, in most of the cases, the progressive jackpot is way bigger than the fixed jackpot. There are three types of jackpots, which are progressive. Knowing this will let you know what to do and it will better your performance.

Progressive Jackpot – Stand Alone

If you play slots, which have this kind of jackpot, you will notice several things. First of all, the machine with Stand Alone jackpot is not linked to any other machine. This means that only who play on this machine will increase the jackpot. For some people it is really convenient but it limits the amount of jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot – In-House

When you play slot machines with In house progressive jackpot, you will notice that only the machines in the casino are linked together to add to the jackpot. The chances for you to hit the jackpot are bigger and the jackpot will increase faster.

Video Slot Machines

Video Slots

As we already know from the slots history that the first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey in 1895. It was called “The Liberty Bell“. From that time slot manufactures have been trying to improve slot machines, as a result they present the latest invention -the video slot machine.

Video Slots are really in demand. The popularity of video slot machines increases every day. There is a huge variety of these slots and all of them are so different. Many of them offer the players up to 50 winning lines and bonus games. That is why it makes them so attractive to the gamblers.
How Video Slot Machines Work

To tell you the truth many players don't clearly understand how these machines work. There are a lot of legends and myths about video slots working process. These games are controlled by the computer programs. When the player pushes the button, the reels of slot machine begin to spin. The outcome of video slot machine is already decided by the random number generator (RNG). This device can produce millions of random numbers in a short time. Random number generator appeared in 1970; moreover, with the help of this device slot machines are capable to produce progressive jackpots.

Play Video Slot Machine Online

If you want to play video slots you will be shocked with the diversity of video machines and their symbols. Firstly it will be very difficult for the player to choose one. That is why slots owners give a possibility to play free slots in online casinos. In such casinos you are able to play every slot you like and to choose your favorite one. Moreover, the design of video slot machines is really impressive. 21 century gave the computer geniuses and engineers possibility to create incredible screen graphics. Besides, you can find 3D slots which really impress many players. Nowadays, with the development of technical possibilities everything is feasible and video slot machines continue to make progress and attract players' attention. So, you may believe that video slots worth playing.

Slots Rules Symbols

Slots. It is a game for centuries. It is has been around for a while. All the players and casinos found mutual benefit in this game. That is why the casinos have the largest gaming room for the slots parlors and the players play this game more than any other casino game.

The rules of the game are extremely easy. If you want to feel retro effect of the slot machines, you should turn to the land casinos, where it is still possible to find them. But now it is really difficult to find any reel machine, which would not operate due to random number generator.

How to Play Slots

Nowadays all the slots are very similar in operating. You put your bill or your coin into the machine, push the button (rarely pull the lever) and play the game. Actually you are expecting the miracle to happen.

In the video slots you can also choose the pay lines. There can be several dozens of the pay lines and the bet is increased each time you want to add another pay line, which can possibly bring you to the winnings. If you are not playing progressive slots, you may not choose to play maximum quantity of coins.


There are different types of symbols, which are used in slots. Except average symbols, there are special symbols. One type of them is called wild symbols. This type of symbols can replace any symbol in the pay line. That is how the winning pay line can be formed.

There is another type called scatter symbols. If this type of symbols shows up on a pay line in a certain combination, it can give more chances to win. For example, scatter symbol can trigger a series of the free spins or some bonus games.

There are also multiplier symbols, which multiply the winnings of the player. It is really good, if the credits are increased by a large sum of money. Also the winnings can be added to the player's account and he will be able just to push the “Replay” button to repeat the game.


There is only one conclusion, which is called “Use your brain in gaming!” No matter how simple and easy the slots can seem, always check the rules of each machine you are going to gamble. You should also read the pay table as it reveals various peculiarities of the machine and the possible winnings.

Slots Payback

When you were walking down the street, you have noticed casino advertisements. You have seen that some unknown casino is offering really huge payback percent for the players who choose to play the game. In some of the casinos, it is claimed that the payback percent is near 98 or 99. These figures sound amazing but are they true? In most of the cases, these figures are absolutely true but there is always a catch. These little catches are made to help the house have bigger edge over the players. That's why it is really important to be careful when you go ahead to play slots in the casino.If you want to become a game expert you are highly recommended to practice for some period of time in order to work out your own slots strategy.

To define payback, you need to imagine the following situation. First, of all imagine that you spend $100 on slot machines and from this $100; the machine will pay you back as winnings about $75. This means that the payback of the machine is 75%. In some of the casinos, the payback is about 75% to 99%. Many of the states in United States regulate the minimum amount of payback percentage. This is really important to urge the people go and play slots in the casinos

False Beliefs

Do you consider that if you play on a machine with really high payback percent, like 99%, you will be winning more often, when you are in the casino? No, this is absolutely not true. This percent only indicates how much money you will during your life, if you keep playing the same machine over and over again. However, nobody can play on the machine forever. That's why you must understand that you will not be able to win $99 from every $100 you have spent on the slots. This is ridiculous

In the ground-based casinos, the slots there, count how many times, coins will enter the coin place. This is recorded. In the online casinos, slots will be counting not the coins but the credits. When you are in the ground-based casino and you win, the attendant will come to you and he will escort you to the cage, where you will get your money. So, before playing some slots machine you should acquaint yourself with the main slots rules, useful recommendations and of course read the slots history .

Slots Games

Slot games are very popular all over the world. You can find slot machines everywhere. The great number of online and land-based casinos offers their players a huge variety of different slot games. Everybody likes this game because of its simplicity, and great payouts. The first slot machine was designed in 1891 by Pitt and Sittman. That machine had 5 drums which displayed poker hands, besides there was no slots payback mechanism that is why slot owners offer their players free drinks.

Types of Slots Games

There is great variety of slots games. The possibility to choose from hundreds of games makes them very attractive to the players. So, let's find out what are the main types of slot games. First type of slots is Straight Slots, sometimes they are called flat rate slots. This kind of slot game is very simple and easy to understand. Straight Slots are subdivided into: Wildcard, Buy a Pay, The Multiplier, Bonus Multiplier, and Multiple Paylines. The other type of slot games is progressive slots, such slot machines are connected together by the network.

Reasons to Play Slot Games

Players like to play slots games because of their simplicity, great variety and unlimited access. You are able to play slots everywhere, even at home simply using your computer connected to the internet. There is one more advantage of slot machines, if you don't want to spend your money you may play free slots. It is useful for the beginners as they have the possibility to practice and learn. Moreover, there are slots tips in online casinos which will help you while playing. But in spite of this fact, before gambling try to find and read some information about the main rules, odds, strategies and tips, in order to be competent in slot game.

So, if you have a possibility to play slots games don't waste your time and don't be afraid. If you try to play them once, you will undoubtedly like these machines forever for their simplicity and brightness of the pictures. Don't lose your chance: go and play!

Online Casinos Strategies

What Online Casino Strategies to Select to Have the Profit

Going to virtual gambling dens gives gamblers a great opportunity to gain funds and also take pleasure in the favourite casino activity. Pretty frequently there are a great deal of helpful propositions together with the casino activity, however it happens to be really critical to be a good expert of the game to have the opportunity to make the most of them. The earnings of the gaming may be enhanced by the online casino strategies presented on the internet. The remarkable functionality of these strategies makes them well-known amongst newcomers and qualified gamblers. However, for the two of them it’s rather important to take notice of the credibility of the tactic they choose. Below we’re going to offer you some guidelines the way to select the suitable tactic for your specific instance.

To have the opportunity to run into the strategy which succeeds it seems to be occasionally vital to waste much effort. Often even it is simpler to develop your personal technique and make certain of its genuineness. It’ll, however, take substantially more effort, for instance, to render working blackjack casino strategies without help. Developers of these strategies promote them to be able to disclose the knowledge with other folks and gain income. When you are searching for an approach the greatest thing to do is to search for an excellent bettor that is good in developing approaches. It’s going to absolutely be worthwhile to make use of the knowledge of a professional for getting income for you. But the pick of a strategy turns out to be just the first stage of obtaining benefit. Typically folks who do not comprehend where to begin from turn out to be recommended to commence from complimentary casino gameplays to try out practicing the gaming and concurrently putting into action free casino strategies. This type of casino activities seem to be at disposal nearly at any casino and show up to be the ideal solution for beginners. Costless casino gameplays seem to be entirely provided with all the vital proposals which could be interesting for virtual players.

A winning casino strategy is quite hard to identify amid all the assortment at disposal. To be confident you are using the correct one, you must query other players for help. Betting casino individuals and various relevant forums is going to be the greatest location to discover what you’re looking for. take up the topic which is important for you happens to be the 1st issue to do earlier than addressing bright people. The technique you decide on means a good deal whenever you come out to be choosing the tactic, as well as the casino activity’s type, in the instance we show up to be speaking for illustration about poker casino strategies. Or else, the type of the game may feature distinct probabilities, which you might notice in the game of roulette. Different roulette casino strategies appear to be intended to predict various outcomes occurred form the probabilities offered.