hit the jackpot Myths about the Slots

There is a lot of information flowing through the Internet about slot machines and how to play slots. People who come across this information do not know whether they can trust the information or not. That's how many of the myths about slots were created. There are many myths, some of them have reasonable support but most of them do not have anything scientific to prove their theories. There is a list of the popular myths and you will find explanation attached to it.

You will be able to foresee the pattern of the spins with science and deep study

This is absolutely ridiculous. When you talk about slot machines, everything comes down to picking random symbols. It is all about luck and nothing more. There is no possible way to predict the pattern because it is absolutely random. Even the biggest math geniuses cannot predict something, which is unpredictable.

Leaving the machine will prevent you from winning the jackpot

This is another myth that is flowing through the Internet. There is no possible way to predict when the jackpot will fall. Leaving the machine is not in a correlation with the possibility of winning the jackpot. Each second millions of different combinations are generated by the slot machines. To win the jackpot, you need to guess the exact combination the moment when the machine decides what the combination is going to be. This is absolutely impossible to predict when this will happen.

If you play for a very long time on one machine, it is a guarantee that you will hit the jackpot really soon

One of the sad things about the slots odds is that you cannot expect when you will hit the jackpot. You can play on one machine for a very long and still you will not be able to hit the jackpot, if you are not lucky. That's why the only one thing that is involved here is called luck. You cannot expect when you will hit the jackpot, it just happens. You could be playing for 10 years on one machine and there is a big chance of not hitting the jackpot once during this time.

Invention of slot machines Slots Basics

Few people have believed that the invention of slot machines would change the world of gaming forever. The impact was great. Games involving chance developed greatly and the engine of this development was the invention of slot machines. It is hard to find the origin of most of the games, which are played in the casino. However, one thing is certain. Slot machines were invented in the United States and because of that their origin is known. The first slot machine was introduced in the year of 1887. Many people believe that the person responsible for this to happen is named Charles Fey. Also, the presentation of the new machines was carried on in the beautiful city of San Francisco.
How Everything Began with Slot Machines

Before the machine were invented by Fey, there were some other machines, which were pretty similar to his machine. They were also coin based machines and they were luck based games. However, the rewards were not something remarkable. Players could win a free drink or a cigar. People were allowed to win commodities but they were not allowed to win money. That's why these machines were also popular as “trade simulator” machines. These machines had played their part in developing the Fey's invention.

Find Out How the Slot Machines Operate

Have you wondered how the slot machine operates? Have you wondered what the requirements for you to win the biggest jackpots ever are? The principle of the slot game is very simple. You have to pull the lever and then you have to watch the reels spinning. There are different symbols on each reel. Also, each slot machine has different number of reels. If you play on a machine with a lot of reels, the rewards will be greater because the slots odds for getting bigger rewards is lower. If you get all the reels stopped on the very same symbol, then according to the pay table, you will have your rewards. It is great way to get a lot of money really fast. This is luck based game and that's why if you are not feeling lucky, better leave playing slots for later.

Want to play – Slots Tips

We are here to offer you some of the greatest and most useful tips and slots basics. You want to pay great attention to these tips to better your performance. There are the secrets that will let you win when you play slots.

What You Should Do

You want to play the maximum credit, when you can. That way you will be able to maximize your winnings. Most of the slot machines will let you win their biggest jackpots only if you play with maximum credit.
You want to find slot machines, where a lot of people walk and pass. The reason for that is because the bosses of the casino choose to put their “hottest” machines in places where a lot of people walk. That way they attract more and more people to the slot machines, it is kind of advertisement.
You want to do a precise math. If you have your precious 100 dollars, you do not want to lose them in an hour or so. You want to play with them at least for four or five hours. Playing the maximum amount of time will allow your luck to come back to you and you will be able to get the jackpot, which is offered by the slot machines.

What You Should Not Do

You will have smaller chance of hitting the jackpot, if you play online slots because the outcome is predetermined by the machine in a few seconds. That's why playing normal slot game will be much better.
You do not want to play over your bankroll. This is really important. You have to predetermine the money you are willing to spend on slot. Many people after they start losing terribly go and play with more money. This is absolute mistake. If you see you are not having luck tonight, leave it for tomorrow
If you have won the jackpot, do not go and play another spin. You are done for today. Your luck has expired. Go home and rest.

I-Slots Find the Differences

As we know there are alot of slots vatiations. One of the recent things that happened in the world of gaming and especially in the world of slots is the creation of the so called “i-slots“. This is something new that few people actually foresee coming. You will be astonished by the new features that are available there. It is something revolutionary and new. It will change the world of slots forever.

It is one of the new ways for the players to interact better with the machines and because of that their experience is better. Also, they will have much more fun playing the new feature, which are present in the i-slots.

When you start playing, something new will happen to you. There is going to be a short movie, showing you the different characters and the plot of the game. Sounds like a Role Play Game, right? Well, it is a kind of RPG but it is very much connected with slots. After you have started playing the game, there will be ton of different options for you.

There will be some quests for you to complete to make sure that you will progress in the game. When you progress, you will unlock new and exciting features that will boost your experience. You will have some bonuses collected because of the quest completed, like extra spins or secret levels. Playing i-slots will change the way you have perceived slots.

Reel Crimes Series

There is one of the best i-slots games, which is called Reel Crimes. It is a masterpiece and all the gamers are pleased to play it. There is an interesting plot for the gamers to entertain them. Also, you have to take the role of one of the two main characters in the game, who are preparing the biggest heist in their life. They are two brothers and you will have to choose between them. The game play is unique and there will be many different quests for you to complete to make sure that you will win in the game. It offers the gamers the possibility to approach the slots in a different way.If you wich to extend your knowledge about slots variations you are welcomed to read about themed slots.

Slots Variations

You must not think that all slot machines are the same. They all are different. There are fun money slots, video slots, iSlots, themed slots all of them are really very thrilling.. When people that have entered the casino for a first time, when they see the slot, they see only three things: coin clot, handle and different figures. It is true that all the slots have these three features. However, everything else is different. These differences will limit the money that you will be able to win or they will increase the money that you will get from the jackpot. So considering these options is something really smart and you should not doubt examining the slot closely.

First, when you go the slot, check the coin denomination, which is available. Many people go the slot and drop a quarter at the coin slot and they see how the coin goes in and then it comes out. They stay in front of the slot and they wonder what's going on. Pay attention to the details. In most cases, there are several machines types, which will be available on the ground based casino that you will visit
Multiplier Slots

In this type of machines, it is really important to play the maximum credit all the time. The machine works like that. If you play one coin, and you win (get three lemons for example), the machine will pay you 5 coins. However, if you play 2 coins and you win, you will get 10 coins. The same thing goes for playing 3 coins. In this case you will get 15 coins. This machine multiplies the money that you have inserted and multiplies them by a certain number and that's your reward
Bonus Multiplier Slots

This is a very similar machine to the multiplier. It has the same operational scheme. However, it will reward you, if you play the maximum number of coins possible. That's why, if you win (get three 7's) and you have used only one coin, you will get 1,000, you will get 2.000 with 2 coins and you will get 10,000, if you play with the maximum number of coins possible.

Slots history

The first slot machines in the slots history have been introduced in 1891. The first symbols were cards and the payoffs were in accordance with the poker combinations. The slot machines comprised 5 reels with 50 images on them. The original machines didn’t pay off money, instead prizes were stuff from the place where the machine was placed. The gamer put into a nickel and pulled the lever arm. Usually, a Ten and the Jack of Hearts had been taken out from the reels and thus the gamer odds decreased.

The Liberty Bell, the machine the way the gamblers know it now was introduced in 1899. These machines were with 3 barrels and had 5 symbols diamonds and hearts and spades, horse shoes and Liberty Bell. The slot machine enabled Fey to design the automatic payout system. Three bells in a row won a pot of 10 coins.

Soon after that, the next period of the slots history started when the Bell Fruit company introduced the slots machines with symbols of fruits that stood for the gums with different flavors. The additional image the BAR had been the logo of Bell Fruit company.

The electrical slots were designed by Bally Manufacturing in 1964 and was called the Money Honey. The slots machine game now offered higher jackpots and multiple coins. Then after this period of the slots history, the machines were equipped with music and lights.

Another interesting fact of the slots history is that the slots Games were highly spread once in the mid 1970’s the Dollar Machine had been created and the slots game was provided by most of the gambling halls.

The video poker machine was created in 1980 starting a new era in the slots history. The gamblers now were not able to watch the barrels rotating and at first they did not trust this game. Still, afterward the slots game became very popular it is nowadays offered in all the casinos.

Play slots Fun money slots

When you look for a good online casino, there are some things that you need to know and you should consider, prior to depositing money on the site. Many of the good online casinos will allow you to play some free spins on their website. You will not have to deposit money for these free spins because they are just a test. You are testing whether you like or not the website. Only the good online casino websites have these features available because they want to make their customers happy. Also, some of the websites will let you play on free slots tournaments, where you will be able to test your skills and knowledge. It is a great way to test the tactics and slots strategies you have learn absolutely free. That's why you have to take your time to dig up the best online casino websites.
How to pick the best strategy when you play slots

If you have played slots for long enough, you will know that you do not need special skills to play. There are some decisions that the player needs to make in order to make the odds of winning bigger. One of the decisions that are really important is the amount of the wager.

It does not matter where you play slots – in online casino or ground-based casino, the rewards could be classified:

1. There are many different pay lines, which are present on the machine. However, these pay lines pay you only small amount of money. This is good, if you are going to play really long. You will be able to win more often and therefore you will be able to increase the money that you will win.

2. There are only few pay lines or there is only one pay line. This is the place where the big jackpots are located. This is the place for you to make the real money. However, the risk here is bigger. In most of the cases, you will not get anything. However, if you are looking for a jackpot that will change your life, this is the place where you should be looking for.

How to Play Slots

Not a while ago, everybody who played slot machines in the casino, he/she was considered to be a low-class player because he played slot machines. The reason why people considered slot machines to be a low-class of games is because the bosses of the casino did not offer good bonuses, jackpots and rewards to the people who played slot machines. They were not allowed to get free drinks or meals during their games. That's why many people, when they are in the casino, skip playing slot machines. However, all this has changed now. Everything looks brighter because the bosses of casino have found out that slot machines are really great type of games, which will make them a lot of money. Also, nowadays, the slot machines players will get a lot of attention from the casinos' personal. They will get free drinks, just for playing. Nowadays, about 70 percents of the people who visit casinos go to play slots.

Game Play

Have you wondered why 80% of the visitors, who visit the casino for first time in their life, go to the slot machines? The answer is simple. They go there because it is relatively easy to play slot games. You do not need to have any special skills and tactics to do great on the slots. Also, the greatest jackpots, which will change your life, are offered exactly by the slot machines. All you have to do is to pull the lever and wait. If you are lucky enough the next day you will be much richer.


Another reason why people head to the slot machines is that the slots rules of the game are really simple. You do not have to be a genius to understand them. First, you have to pick a slot machine. There are slot machines with seven, five and three reels. There are some slot machines with nine and eleven reels but the odds of winning something there are very low. After that you put the coins in the machine, pull the lever and watch the reels spinning

flash slots Instant casino slots

Few people actually know the origin of the first slot machine. It was invented and introduced to the world in San Francisco in the year of 1887. There were three different reels and there were 20 different symbols. This is the prototype of the slot machines that are used today. However, later on the second type of slot machines was invented and it is called Operator Bell. This machine was created in 1907. The name of the machine, which was created in 1887 by Charles Fey, is Mills Liberty Bell. However, because of the growing popularity of slot machines, authorities felt that they have to make some regulations to make the gambling more regulated and more trustworthy. It is said that years after the creation of these slot machines, the gangsters introduced them in Vegas. That's why Vegas is the headquarters of slot machines today.

When you play slots, there is only one objective for you. You want to pull the lever and watch the different reels spinning, if you get all the same symbols in the play line, you will be the winner. You could win really big jackpots. There are two types of jackpot, which are present in the slot machines today. The first type is the fixed jackpot, where the amount of the jackpot is set. The second type is called progressive jackpot and it will increase till the points someone hits it. It could be you, who will claim the biggest progressive jackpot.
Flash Slots

If you are addicted to playing slots, you do not have to play it in the ground-based casino. That's why the possibility of playing online was given to the people. That's how the Flash slots were created to serve the people and allow them to experience the possibility of playing your favorite game. Many people go to the website to play online flash slots. They are really simple and because of that people will be able to enjoy their favorite slot games. You will not be able to download the flash version of flash slots.

Themed Slots

There are various slot machines in the market of gaming such as instant casino slots, iSlots and many others.. Each provider offers the best possible things and the variety complicates the choice of the machine. The themes are now counted in dozens and the topics are numbered in hundreds. It brings more joy and happiness to people.

Finding Slots

Some casinos offer the finder feature so that you won't suffer from selecting and playing hundreds of games. You can find the games according to the quantity of reels, either you prefer 3, 5, 7 or more. If you like progressives, you will also be offered many of those. Once you are in search of the bonus slots, you can find the ones that provide free spins, bonus rounds and so on.

Classic Slots

By saying classic we do not only mean the 3-reel slots but also classic symbols, which were present on the machines long time ago. The classic symbols are supposed to be lemon, cherry, melon, grape, plum and orange. Those are the fruits as the prototype of the slot was a vending machine, from which you could get the candy.

Later “7” symbol appeared. Once the Liberty Bell machine was introduced, the times of the bell symbol started. The same story happened with the horseshoe. Later the card symbols of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs were added.

Modern Slots

Together with the technological advance the slots design was also improved. More themes and, therefore, symbols were introduced. And now you are free to choose any topic you want. It is really interesting and exciting as in the online casinos you may try the game free of charge and enjoy it as long as you wish.

Sea Theme

If you think about something what you can find in the sea, you can easily make a slot machine. There are many software providers who took this subject for the slots. Inside this large theme the minor themes can also be tracked. For example, coral theme. The symbols are totally wonderful. There is a mermaid, coral, coral fish, fan shell, seahorses and so on. One of the not really interesting aspects of the themed slots is that along with the sea shell we can find such symbols of Ace, King, Queen and others.

Traveling Theme

A lot of people love traveling. And here is a great field for making things up. Some software providers offer voyage topic. And here you can find compass, ship, clocks, binoculars and definitely yacht. Others offer Safari and Jungle trips, which can lead you to the jackpot winning.